Cover Raptor

Superior Bownet & Design: There Is No Equal


The small and medium nets can be shipped to any Continental U.S. State, (excluding Alaska) in any configuration (fully assembled, semi assembled, pre drilled and tapped, kit form) for around $110.00.

The large size net can be shipped for around $110.00 as well but only in the semi assembled, predrilled and tapped or kit form.

The extra large size bownet in any configuration will cost over $650.00 to ship to any Continental U.S. State.

All bownets with the exception of the small and medium fully assembled nets ship in two boxes. A $55.00 packing charge is in addition to the cost of the net.

The packing charge for a fully assembled small or medium net is $55.00.

The wood crating charge for the extra large net is $125.00, Continental U.S.A. shipments only!

Shipping time is approximately 3 to 5 days via FedEx Ground.


Wood crating charge for international airfreight is $150.00 or more, depending on the delivery destination's packaging material requirements, required material certifications and supporting documentation for shipment and customs.

Superior Bownet & Design will crate and provide the supporting documentation for shipment only. The purchaser(s) are responsible for arranging pickup of the package from Superior Bownet & Design and for any brokering expenses incurred at the international airport of their choice and to the final delivery destination.

Please telephone or email us for international freight quotes, US (301) 868-3629 or